We’re fluent in robot,
but we’re pretty good in human, too.

We are solution builders for the automotive, technology and energy industries. We analyze. We reframe. We innovate. Whether we’re developing a statistical model, a mobile application or an enterprise software solution, we look at your business and deliver insight and tools to make you better.

Our Solutions

From data intelligence, to product strategy, to enterprise implementation, we deliver on all aspects of a technology solution.

Dealer Performance Management

Drive sales and service performance with the Oceanus process improvement platform.

Dealer Performance Management helps corporate, field and dealership personnel pinpoint problem areas, prioritize improvements, track activities, measure impact, and share advice and best practices. The platform caters to individual users by allowing each to customize and prioritize what they see within the tool.

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Advanced Analytics

Let the data lead you.

If you look deep enough, data always tells a story. We specialize in investigating data (especially the really complex kind), deciphering what it means, and providing a strategy to move you forward. Our advanced analytics services range in scope and approach depending on what you’re trying to understand. From customer profiling and targeting, to product order management, to data warehousing and mining — we do it all.

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Electric Vehicle Information Exchange

Intelligence to drive the EV industry.

Creating a market for an entirely new class of vehicle with unfamiliar technology is really, really hard. It’s not just about building a great product — satisfying customers depends on collaborative, cross-industry partnerships. The Electric Vehicle Information Exchange (EVIX) partners with automotive manufacturers, charging equipment companies, electric utilities, and governments to bring together relevant data and provide accurate market analytics that move the industry forward.

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EV Finder

Making it easy for consumers to see the benefits of owning an EV.

There’s a lot of scattered information about electric vehicles for consumers. The EV Finder aggregates information in one place so that it’s easier for consumers to learn about the benefits of owning an EV. The EV Finder shows consumers EV incentives, utility programs and rates, organizations and vehicles available to purchase by zip code. Oceanus offers a white labeled EV Finder for industry partners that want to provide this level of insight for customers on their websites.

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We're part Sherlock
Holmes, part R2-D2.

We earned our detective badge by spending years in the depths of automotive data. Since 2005, we’ve been interpreting data and building technology solutions from our office in downtown Austin, TX. We find answers for some of the automotive, technology and energy industries’ biggest players. From Nissan to Best Buy to NRG Energy, we get into the weeds — and pull them — so they don’t have to.

Our Team

Chris Taylor

Founder & CEO

Chris is our big vision maestro. He pushes the Oceanus team to dig deep to understand our customers and innovate to make them better. He’s spent his career developing strategic partnerships in the automotive and high technology sectors. His fundamental understanding of the inner workings of these industries helps the Oceanus team develop easy-to-use, problem-solving technology.

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Michael DeBonis

VP of Product Strategy

Mike truly believes in the power of design – from backend to interaction to visual design. He’s spent nearly 20 years designing technology solutions focused on delivering great user experiences. He’s touched many industries, but his expertise is in automotive enterprise software development. Name an automotive company, and Mike has probably built a solution for them.

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Elizabeth Schwartz

VP of Analytics

Elizabeth is our chief data story teller. She manages Oceanus’ team of data scientists and information technology architects. With over a decade of expertise in data-driven analysis, she understands how to apply facts to impact business direction. She’s consulted extensively with automotive manufacturers, financial services, and energy companies on custom analytics and enterprise software solutions.

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Kara Saltness

Director of Marketing Strategy, EVIX

Kara is our resident eco-geek and focuses on building the company’s clean technology services. Her career has spanned the music, finance and clean tech industries, but her passion is electric vehicles. She’s spent the last six years focused on marketing strategy and consumer engagement in the EV space.

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Are you a big thinker and a big doer?

If so, Oceanus might just be the place for you. We don’t just draw maps, we navigate our customers from point A to point B. We’re data lovers, software nerds and technology addicts. Oh, and we’re business savvy. We investigate difficult problems and then build innovative solutions for our customers every day. Maybe it’s our curious nature or maybe it’s just the beer on tap, but we have fun doing what we do. If your inner explorer is yearning to get out, let's talk.

We're hiring for: Data Scientist, Database Engineer/Data Management Guru, Development Lead, Product Owner, Designer, and Operations & Systems Engineer.


Data Scientist

We have big expectations for our data scientists because they play a pivotal role in the work we do. From business problem statement to data-driven solution recommendation, our data scientists are involved in projects from start to finish. We need a rock star Automotive Data Scientist that knows which questions to ask and can find creative, technically rigorous answers. As an Automotive Data Scientist, you’ll do everything from data prep to data mining and statistical analysis to business presentation. You’ll work with complex data detailing the inner workings of the automotive industry, and you’ll dream up and answer big questions that create real value for our automotive customers. Sound like fun? We think so. Apply Online!

Database Engineer/Data Management Guru

Nearly every Oceanus project involves integrating dissimilar, unstructured data, making sense of it with little help, mining it for insights, and applying it in novel ways to solve business problems. We are looking for someone who has a deep understanding of ETL concepts but is not just a DBA or ETL developer. We need someone who is not wedded to any particular toolkit, and who is comfortable with programming, algorithmic thinking, automated testing, and pushing the envelope on agile database development and process automation. This position is perfect for a data junkie with a development bent. Apply Online!


Our designers are creative minds with a passion for making great things. The designer works within a cross-functional team of project managers, product managers, data scientists, UI/UX designers, and software developers under the direct guidance of an art director. The designer's primary role will include the creative design and layouts for web and mobile interfaces. Experience in designing for online and interactive environments is a must. Additional responsibilities may include design work as it relates to presentations, pitches, or company brand collateral. Apply Online!

Development Lead

Our Development Lead will both lead and mentor other team members and take on some of our hardest technical problems individually. Working with a small offshore scrum team, the Dev Lead will split time between hands-on coding and directing/reviewing the code of others. (While this role has a significant leadership component, we want to find someone who loves to code, and want to ensure that the share of time coding remains at or above 50%.) The Dev Lead will own at least one major application/component of our flagship product platform, and accordingly will be a well-rounded engineer with experience building and deploying enterprise-class mission-critical applications. Scrum mastering experience is not strictly necessary, but a strong understanding of agile development and a track record of technical leadership and individual excellence are essential. Apply Online!

Product Owner

At Oceanus, we have a passion for building innovative, customer-inspired products and solutions, and we’re looking for a product owner who shares that passion. Oceanus product owners are key members of our agile development teams and serve as the primary customer proxy. Our product owners are ridiculously organized and thorough. They are responsible for translating product managers’ high-level vision and roadmap into detailed, prioritized user stories that the development team can execute on. Because of this, our product owners are critical to overall product quality. They are the only team members empowered to “accept” completed stories into the product baseline. Together with product managers, our product owners also participate in roadmap planning and release coordination. If you have 2-4 years of experience as a requirements analyst or a product manager for an enterprise or web application software company as well as a CS degree or previous technical experience, we’d love to chat with you. Apply Online!

Operations & Systems Engineer

The Operations and Systems Engineer will be the primary person responsible at Oceanus for keeping our SaaS applications running reliably, securely, and responsively. This role will own all aspects of cloud environment management and support, from environment design and configuration, to deployment automation, to ongoing monitoring and troubleshooting, to backup, failover and disaster recovery, to security policy authorship and enforcement. Our full-service operations is hassle-free for our customers, and this has been a competitive differentiator for us. We are looking for an Operations and Systems Engineer who is motivated to keep our infrastructure ahead of the pack. Apply Online!